The Zero Energy Ready Oregon (ZERO) Coalition is working to create the market conditions and regulatory framework for every newly constructed or significantly renovated building in Oregon to be built to zero energy or zero energy ready standards.

As a collective of organizations working with a wide array of constituents and stakeholders, we recognize the benefit of collaboration to create greater impact.

We also recognize the benefit of working together with the numerous program certifications, policy champions, businesses, government agencies, environmental equity partners and energy service providers who have an important role in Oregon’s climate action.

Our Mission

Putting building construction on the path to zero net energy use is the most cost-effective and immediately available strategy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

We will work to:

●   Ensure Governor Brown’s executive order becomes reality;

●   Ensure planning for a zero energy future considers the impacts on all Oregonians–especially low-income Oregonians and Oregon businesses;

●   Develop a clear roadmap for the adoption of zero energy standards in Oregon;

●   Develop a communications and messaging toolkit for maximum impact.  

Real change occurs from the bottom up; it occurs person to person, and it almost always occurs in small groups and locales and then bubbles up and aggregates to larger vectors of change.
— Paul Hawken

The ZERO Coalition is supported in part by Meyer Memorial Trust and The Bullitt Foundation.