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The Governor's actions are significant step in the right direction that addresses the impact of buildings on Oregon's climate, economy, and quality of life. The building sector presents a huge opportunity for the state to meet its climate action goals and create healthy, fossil fuel-free buildings that are accessible to all Oregonians. There will likely be more than 700,000 new homes and apartments and more than 800 million new square feet of commercial building space built in Oregon between now and 2050. As a coalition, we agree that now is the time to accelerate the transition to a zero energy building sector in Oregon.


  • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Updates Are Underway

    • 2019 is a critical year for getting to zero and achieving the ambitious climate goals being set by many state and local governments. What local government staff may not know is this: they have the power to move national energy codes forward. The ZERO Coalition is supporting the advancement of the IECC with outreach to voting members in Oregon who can make a difference.

      Improving the efficiency stringency in the energy code is the single most impactful action we can take to improve the buildings where people live and work. Eligible voters will define the future of the built environment by participating in the IECC voting this November. Even jurisdictions that don’t use the IECC in their jurisdiction should participate by voting because they will benefit from (or miss out on) the market development that’s associated with and stimulated by advanced energy codes.

    • Why is ZERO involved?

      The IECC is a national model energy code that is updated every three years through a formal approval process. While progress was made in efficiency gains in this code between 2006 and 2012, more recently efficiency improvements have stagnated due to political pressure from specific interest groups. This has left many jurisdictions unable to move forward with efficiency gains. This is especially true in Oregon where jurisdictions are bound by state rules that prevent them from enforcing a code that is more stringent than the state requirements.

      The ZERO Coalition wants to help cities, counties, municipal utilities, and government agencies leverage collective influence to help advance energy codes in support of local climate goals. Participating in this effort is a great way to help local governments make progress toward building energy performance targets and carbon reduction goals.  

    • How can we take action?

      1) Identify contacts that could vote and invite them to join the ICC or update their membership by March 29, 2019

      2) Help voting members to understand that they have the power to advance the IECC

      3) Remind contacts to register by September 23, 2019

      4) Remind contacts to vote online between November 13-27, 2019 (final date TBD).

    • Read and share our new ZERO IECC Fact Sheet

    • Learn more about the proposed changes at a March 5, 2019 webinar: Technical proposals putting the 2021 IECC on a glide path to efficiency

    • Visit the Energy-Efficient Codes Coalition website

  • Help us demonstrate your commitment to the ZERO Coalition's goals by signing our Call to Action and sharing with your networks! By completing, you are publicly supporting ZERO's work to:

    • Create the market conditions and regulatory framework for every newly constructed or significantly renovated building in Oregon to be built to zero energy or zero energy ready standards, and

    • Drive down energy use in the built environment as a cost-effective and immediately available strategy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Consider adding the Call to Action link to your website or newsletter so your networks can sign it as they get communications from you. 

    • Sign our Call to Action now and be a part of the effort to make Oregon’s future sustainable!

If you’re a builder, designer, a policymaker or a resident looking to accelerate the growth of net zero energy and green buildings in Oregon, please let us know what actions you are ready to take using the form below.

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Together, We will help foster a plan that will lead to:

  • A strong economy with opportunities for all Oregonians

  • A vibrant building and construction sector

  • A state powered by clean energy and highly efficient buildings

  • A lower cost of home ownership and lower utility bills for renters and small businesses

  • Healthier, more comfortable and more efficient homes and workplaces

  • A resilient Oregon that is better protected from a changing climate