Photography courtesy of Green Canopy

The Governor's actions are significant step in the right direction that addresses the impact of buildings on Oregon's climate, but there are still many steps to take if we are to truly reduce carbon emissions in the building sector. As a coalition, we agree that now is the time to lead the transition to a zero energy building sector for Oregon. Sign our Call to Action now and be a part of the effort to make Oregon’s future sustainable!

If you’re a builder, designer, a policymaker or a resident looking to accelerate the growth of net zero energy and green buildings in Oregon, please let us know what actions you are ready to take using the form below.

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Together, We will help foster a plan that will lead to:

  • A strong economy with opportunities for all Oregonians

  • A vibrant building and construction sector

  • A state powered by clean energy and highly efficient buildings

  • A lower cost of home ownership and lower utility bills for renters and small businesses

  • Healthier, more comfortable and more efficient homes and workplaces

  • A resilient Oregon that is better protected from a changing climate