Communications Toolkit

ZERO’s Communications Toolkit is live!

This toolkit is a resource for Oregonians working to increase adoption of zero energy and zero energy ready buildings – policymakers, designers, builders, nonprofits, code writers, and climate justice advocates.

This introductory document includes background information about zero energy buildings, Oregon’s policies around zero energy buildings, current trends, and examples of zero energy buildings operating today. The appendix includes fact sheets that anyone can use in presentations, social media, newsletters, and more. We intend to add to the toolkit over time with new, locally focused information.

Here are some ideas for how to use this toolkit:

  • Incorporate the information into your organization’s website and e-newsletters as a way to increase awareness about the benefits of zero energy buildings and Oregon’s goals around them.

  • Use the talking points and data in this toolkit in presentations – to policymakers, clients, and in classrooms – as a way to raise awareness about the benefits of zero energy buildings and Oregon’s goals around them.

  • Spread the word – email the link to this toolkit to others so that they can share with their networks.

Fact Sheet:

Financial Returns of Zero Energy Homes

ZERO Cost Fact Sheet

It’s a common misconception that zero energy homes are more expensive to design and construct compared to those built to meet code. However, there are countless examples of homes achieving zero energy at little or no additional cost. This fact sheet covers four ways of calculating earnings on the incremental cost it takes to get to zero:





Fact Sheet:

Zero Energy Terminology

Zero Energy Terminology Fact Sheet

This factsheet provides an explanation of the language and terms people commonly use when they discuss zero energy buildings.

ZERO Policy Fact Sheet

Planning for a ZE future creates practical and achievable energy solutions for residents, and economic and environmental benefits for jurisdictions.

Fact Sheet:

Zero Energy For Policymakers and local governments

Zero Energy Design Fundamentals Fact Sheet

Integrated building system design encourages interactive efficiencies of readily available, high-performance technologies to achieve the significant energy load reductions critical to zero energy outcomes.

Fact Sheet:

Zero Energy Design Fundamentals

Zero Energy for Schools Fact Sheet

Educational buildings offer key opportunities to advance ultra-low and zero energy policies and practices while significantly improving the learning environment for students.

Fact Sheet:

Zero Energy for Schools

FAQ About Zero Energy

Get answers to common questions that come up about zero energy buildings.

Fact Sheet:

Frequently asked questions about Zero Energy